What's a she-wolf ?

She-Wolves are fierce, powerful female-identified femmes who are ready to claim their rightful place at the TOP of the food chain.

The wolf hunts in packs, allowing it to take down much larger or faster prey. She-Wolves always stick together. They watch each other's backs and they take down their oppressors as a tried-n-true pack.


She-Wolves only show love for their fellow sisters -- regardless of how they look, present their femme power, how they identify, or who they love.

She-Wolves believe in equality, but She-Wolves always get theirs FIRST. Every pack has a leader. She-Wolves recognize it's time to bring brown girls to the front.

She-Wolves are 100% against the patriarchy.

She-Wolves are reclaiming their territory on these streets of NYC.

She-Wolves BITE BACK, so watch yourself.

Wanna be one of us? Read the manifesto.